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I wrote my first novel on the corners of worksheets whilst bored during my Physics GCSEs classes, based on short stories I used to write for my sister when we were little.

Now, those little scraps of GCSE distractions have become two Young Adult novels that form part of a trilogy. I’ve also written a play and a collection of short stories and in my spare time I privately tutor creative writing and lead group writing workshops. I am also Chief Editor of the WriteMentor Magazine for Children’s Writers.

My poem, The Blundergaffe, was published in Popshot Magazine’s The Fantasy issue (August 2019). One of my short stories, Touched By Angels, was published by Eternal Remedy, while another, Blind Date, was shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Prize. I have also won the Hunter Davies Award for my article Is Literature Still Dangerous in the Western World? and the Graham Landucci Prize for English Literature. I was also the youth representative for the Royal Society of Literature’s Membership Committee.

I’m from London but read English Literature at Durham University in a cold Northern city Beyond the Wall, specialising in female utopias in feminist and LGBT+ literature. After falling in love with the Northern friendliness and something called a parmo, I decided to stay on as a journalist for Durham University.

I’m a francophile and francophone. My true loves are German Shepherds, good cheese and the smell of old books.

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The Speakers, Young Adult fantasy trilogy

Currently being edited by author P.M. Freestone as part of Write Mentor.

What industry experts say…

“The maturity and plotting belies your years.” – Jonny Geller, Chairman, Curtis Brown

“Well done coming up with this. I like the idea of Speakers/shape-shifters and HEX, and your heroine sounds exciting. I think it all sounds very promising, and if you get it right, highly commercial.” Amanda Craig, Author

“I like the fact that it is set within the real world and weaves the fantastical with the normal. It is clever. You have a very strong story here, a story I want to be caught up in. I want to know what happens next.” Maria Farrer, Author

“Your pace and tension are very good and you have the reader on the edge of your seat,” – Marisa Noelle, Author

“Love your writing and your style, so yes you have something for sure.” – Neil Richards, Director, The Mustard Corporation

“Shapeshifters, twists, and human emotion. Gripping, and almost too relatable. Made me feel like a human person.” – JR Ford, Writer

What beta readers say…

“Thank you for letting me read it. I really enjoyed it and hope it gets published, it deserves to as it has a perfect balance and is unique.” – Grace, 14

“I don’t often read for pleasure but, reading Florianne’s ‘The Speakers’, I felt compelled to read on. I was quickly swept up and immersed in the world she has created. I eagerly await the next instalment.” – Lauren, 15

“Enthralled from the first few pages to the very last sentence, I was completely immersed in the world Florianne Humphrey has created! Highly recommend for YA readers!” – Yeme Onoabhagbe, Conference and Events Officer, Stonewall

Blind Date, play

“This is a great [play] that touches on timely themes.”Manchester ADP

Touched by Angels, short story

Published by Observe Curiously

Published by Eternal Remedy

“Creatively written with some beautiful metaphors, and an engaging literary flow.” – Eternal Remedy

Blind Date, short story

Bridport Prize 2018 shortlisted judged by Monica Ali, Daljit Nagra and Kamila Shamsie in partnership with A.M. Heath literary agency and The Literary Consultancy.

The Blundergaffe, poem

Published by Popshot Magazine, the illustrated magazine of new writing, in The Fantasy issue (August, 2019).


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Writing Workshops

“It was fantastic to have the information presented by a young person who knows what is current and appealing to young readers. There was a relaxed atmosphere and a lovely, friendly facilitation style and the workshop was chocked full of relevant information.”

– Gill Patton


“Really stimulating and informative. Highly recommend.”

– Paul Forbes

“Your lesson plan was well structured, and your delivery was enthusiastic.”

– Zoe Takiwatanga



Thorn Fest 2017: ‘Developing dialogue and creating characters’

“I found your workshop both stimulating and inspirational. I liked your laid back approach and your knowledge of YA was really helpful.”

– Alan McKee


Newcastle LGBT+ Society: ‘Creating authentic LGBT+ characters’

Durham Intersectional Feminism Society: ‘Spoken word: Writing for performance’

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful. It was very practical and helped me think in a more disciplined way about structure, about stepping back and finding a concrete shape to the story.”

– Tony Kerr




The Table North East: ‘Finding your inner teenager: ‘Writing Young Adult Fiction’

Durham Clayport Library: ‘Finding your inner teenager: Writing Young Adult Fiction’

“A fantastic workshop delivered by Florianne Humphrey. Opening people’s minds and hearts. Revealing to them their own capabilities.”

– Beano, RT Projects



Consett Academy: ‘Writing Creatively for GCSEs’

RTProjects: ‘Using art as a form of expression for mental health’ 

“Students were on task…which was a sign they were engaged. It was a useful workshop both for generating ideas for students and staff.”

– Di Thompson


North Durham Academy:‘Writing Creatively for GCSEs’

Newcastle City Library: ‘Finding your inner teenager: Writing Young Adult Fiction’


“I found this a very informative writing YA fiction workshop.”

– Rachel Burns

New Writing North: ‘Urban Fantasy and Dialogue’

Waddington Street Centre: ‘An Introduction to Creative Writing’

“I very much enjoyed your fun and informative workshop on writing realistic characters and dialogue. We covered a lot of ground, and there is always something new to learn. The time flew by, which is generally a good sign.”

– Derek K. Willis


People’s Bookshop: ‘Writing Your Feminism’

Newcastle City Library: ‘Writing Realistic Characters’

“This creative writing workshop with Florianne Humphrey at The People’s Bookshop was incredible.”

– Soumya Singh


People’s Bookshop: ‘Writing Realistic Characters’

Seven Stories:

  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Creating Settings’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Writing Characters’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Structuring your Story’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Writing Fantasy Fiction’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Writing Science Fiction’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Halloween Horror’
  • ‘Family Writing Masterclass: Villains and Heroes’

Palace Green: ‘Writing Your Feminism’ (in response to ‘Visible Women’ exhibition’

“Thank you for the workshop, I really enjoyed it and found your approach to be both skilled and refreshing. I found free writing in response to your openers of As a Woman I…….. to yield really validating and self-affirming words which reassured me immensely. Thank you, you are talented in many ways.”

– Jan Thompson 



Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I got a lot out of it. Not only for my writing but my creativity as a whole. You brilliantly reminded us that writing is for everybody about everything. I have an Idea that I am slowly fleshing out. Please do keep in touch.

– Joe Eldrige


“My husband took Eve to the Seven Stories workshop and they both really enjoyed it. He hated reading as a child and still mostly reads sporting biographies so for him to have really enjoyed it is a real compliment to Florianne. Eve is still writing her story 3 days later-think we are onto the 7th sheet of paper now…!”

– Parent



“It was inspiring and I’m still buzzing with ideas from it, which I hope to include in my book.”

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Literary Articles

Winchester Writers’ Festival:Winchester Writers’ Festival, six months on’

The F-Word UK: ‘Writing a world without gender’

The Daily Telegraph: ‘Beatrix Potter’s summer home preserved with Grade II listed status’

Pendora Magazine: ‘Love and Linguistics: The Erotic Fiction of Anais Nin’

Verve Up: ‘Queerness as a plot device’

Papaya Press: ‘Can erotica give women back their sexuality? Notes on Anais Nin’

Palatinate: ‘Is Literature Still Dangerous in the Western World?’

MyTutor: ‘Common Creative Writing Mistakes and How to Solve Them’

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Events and Projects

Writers’ Inner Voices

The aim of the Writers’ Inner Voices research project is to try to understand writers’ and storytellers’ inner speech and the role that the inner voice or voices play in the process of literary creation.

This project is being conducted by members of the Hearing the Voice project at Durham University in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust and Edinburgh International Book Festival.

I was one of the writers involved in the project that has appeared as a series on the Guardian website.


Winchester Writers’ Festival Scholarship


Chief Editor, WriteMentor Magazine for Children’s Writers


WriteMentor Summer Mentoring Programme Mentee

Summer Mentoring Programme Mentee-badge


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